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110 definitions by Lee

A gay rip off of the ROFLCOPTER, (bastardized and popularized by prepubescent Internet whore, Snipey!) that incidcates the taking of an original idea and altering it slightly to play off as your own.
Dude#1: "Dude, check out what I came up with!"

Dude#2: "Dude, that's not your idea! Fucking snipeycopter."
by Lee April 01, 2005
AKA: Trick or Trich - A sexual Transmitted disease that is contracted from Orgies, Thongs and wiping from back to front (females). This disgusting yet treatable disease causes infertility, vaginal stink, itching and sometimes painful urination in men. What is it? Tiny LIVING parasites.
I got trich from a threesome.
by Lee February 19, 2005
a huge amount of backspin put on a table tennis or tennis ball that causes that particular ball to drop over the net and spin away from the opponent, see boofoo
Wow, that ball had a lot of quadheedus on it. or I gonna put the quadheedus on this shot!
by lee November 16, 2004
A very messy dick sucking
katy gave vey good slerpy pop
by Lee February 03, 2003
The potatobug is a sexual position where the woman's legs are completely bent back and up over her head, making her look like a rolled up potatobug while the guy has sex with her from the front, leaning on the back her extended legs.
He had me in a potatobug split position and could get deeper than ever.
by Lee March 11, 2005
Bosted is "black country" slang for broken.
This pen doesn't work, I think its bosted !
by Lee September 22, 2004
abreviation of "Shitty, good luck sorting it out."
"you knocked her, and her sister up? Sorty dude"
by Lee July 22, 2004