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A large, grandiose and completely obnoxious home that looks so generic it had to come out of a greasy, styrofoam box
Encino Hills used to have character, but now it is just one Mc Mansion after another.
by Lauri127 December 01, 2005
Anything that causes fits of hysteria, overreacting or pontification, that is not caused by an actual physical ailment.
Binky laughed hysterically when the little fat boy dropped his ice cream "It's a sickness."
by Lauri127 December 01, 2005
The flashy, striped, paisley, polka dot, animal print rubber boots, worn by fashion conscious women everywhere!
No freaking green or yellow wellies for me, only Wanton Wellies will do.
by Lauri127 December 01, 2005
Something that is more than cheesy
"Hey, baby, what's your sign?" Could that pickup line be more velvetta?
by Lauri127 December 01, 2005

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