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The best group I've Ever Heard in my life.
The Bee Gees Are the best group for the song "Stayin alive"
by Latino14 May 23, 2009
Torture.Geometry is nothing but a bunch of hard crap that has to with lines like "postulates" and theorems and shit like that.Its really a bunch of hard crap that frustrates the living hell out of yo and when they give you a test your mind goes blank and your like "What the f*ck is this crap?!?!" and to make it worse your put in with a teacher who doesn't know shit.
Carlos: "Geometry sucks balls.Its so hard and the so called "teacher" can't teach for shit"

Freddy: "Yea I know right they should fire that bitch"
by Latino14 November 06, 2011
spanish word used in mexico & United States To insult people when they do something wrong
Mira ese Pendejo tomando,Se va ser mas Pendejo.
by Latino14 May 10, 2009
Slang word for the new nickolodeon which sucks balls
Hey man guess what?
They just passed shitty iCarly on Dickolodeon
Oh that's fucking bad!.
by latino14 August 01, 2010
A town of 11,000 People Located in Eastern NC.
The CSX Comes through Tarboro every 2 weeks on sunday & I always miss My Chance to see it!!.
by Latino14 April 20, 2009
A man or boy poked in his with a rifle or anything that is sharp or hurts when you hit somebody with it
Hey mom! guess what i saw in a movie today?

Mom:What did you see?

Richie:I Saw this man who got poked in the nuts By a rifle and after he fell beside the wall the man who poked him shot the other dude in the eye!
by Latino14 June 01, 2009
Very cheap shitty airsoft manufacture.Most airsoft guns last only a few seconds before breaking,which makes them cheap shit and they are not worth buying.
1st guy:I bought a CYMA Shotgun and it broke while shooting it.

Other guy:Man,those cyma shotguns are nothing but cheap shit!,i told you to buy the Gold AK-47 combat rifle.

1st guy:How the hell was i supposed to know?.

by latino14 August 01, 2010

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