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5 definitions by Lasagna Feet

A crap pair of headphones. See Bose.
"I got some Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Man do I regret this."
by Lasagna Feet December 17, 2008
The greatest car ever. It is better than your car, unless your car is a Mini. Both the original and the new (BMW) Mini have equal amounts of awesomeness, but different amounts of different types of awesomeness. See also: awesome.
"Hey, look at that car. It's so awesome."
"Yeah, but it's not a Mini Cooper."

"I'm looking for the greatest car that has ever existed and will ever exist."
"Mini Cooper."

"What is the automotive equivalent of Leslie Nielsen?"
"Mini Cooper."
by Lasagna Feet December 17, 2008
A crap speaker brand that is there to rip you off.
"My speakers suck"

"My headphones fell apart"

"My subwoofer is talking"

"My computer speakers sound like dollar store headphones in a paper towel roll"

"How much did you pay for this?! It sounds so much better than my Bose system!"
by Lasagna Feet December 16, 2008
Waug (wog)


"What does waug mean?"
by Lasagna Feet December 17, 2008
The ugliest car that will ever exist.
"I drive one of those 70's station wagons with the fake wood crap on the side"
"But those are so ugly"
"Until you park next to a PT Cruiser. It makes you feel like you're driving a Mini Cooper no matter what you're driving."

"Hey, let's see how ugly a car can be and still sell"

"I wonder what an old Beetle would look like if someone tried to make it an SUV and also tried to make it the ugliest car ever"
-Person pulls up in a PT Cruiser-

"Have you ever seen an obscenely ugly car?"
"Yeah, it's called the PT Cruiser and you get uglier every time you look at one"
by Lasagna Feet December 17, 2008