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stupid, empty-headed, idiot

From the Ukrainian "banyak", meaning "a big (empty) cauldron".
"What a banyak!"
by Larynxa August 02, 2008
(pronounced "droo-shlak")

1) a sieve or colander

2) empty-headed, forgetful, stupid, brain like a sieve

From the Ukrainian "drushlak", meaning "sieve" or "colander".
"I can't believe I drove off with my briefcase on top of the car. What a drushlak!"

"The macaroni's done. Hand me the drushlak."

by Larynxa August 02, 2008
sickness, cold, flu, etc.

From the Ukrainian "zarazza", meaning "The Plague".
"I can't go into work today. I've got the zarazza."
by Larynxa August 02, 2008
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