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3 definitions by Larryc

Jos is a boy hu goes to sbs in didcot he is a bit of a loner and lives in a hole with dave major and chris nickerson and to stay alive they do mathmatical equations and there was jamie parsons living ith them but they ate him cause they ran out of food
Parson: Dont eat me
Jos:I will if i want to
next scene parsons on spit
Jos: Parsons Tastes funny wahahahahah
by Larryc July 06, 2004
4 4
The kool ppl who get on the 35/35a in abingdon i.e Hannah Kruger, Rae Workman, Ollie Ealy, Larryc, Laura Harris and Ben the epic dinosaur
Everyday we ge in the bus to didcot yay
by Larryc July 02, 2004
0 11
Adam hydes gay saying
Larryc:Adams Gay Adams Gay Adams gay
by Larryc July 02, 2004
17 66