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a random insult meaning the elite most top form of fucktard.
"My brother is a fucktard because he dove into a 4 foot pool. My cousin is a fuckninja because he followed him."
by LandsharkIC August 08, 2009
Anything that is really small or young
1. omg becky i just saw my boyfriends dick last night and it was a littlebittyshit

2. Man i had a turtle and it was like 80 years old and it was still a littlebittyshit
by LandsharkIC August 13, 2009
the ultimate swear, because it has chuck norris at the end
OW!!! that niggershitfuckwhorecuntdamnchucknorris zombie vampire llama just bit my finger! now im gonna die!!1!
by LandsharkIC August 09, 2009

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