66 definitions by Lala

Deuce is a new slang word meaning too.
Man; I'm deuce too cool.
by lala March 06, 2005
a type of sea shell in which the shell inhabitants can be eaten
hmmm..that lala is all squishy in my mouth.
by lala January 03, 2005
past tense of pee.
Need more explaination?
i peep on that guy's face.
by lala August 21, 2004
The best day and my personal favorite day of the year.
The guy who left the definiton from the source YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS, sounds a little too cranky, maybe he should celebrate 420. (DUMBASS!)
by LaLa January 05, 2004
a really cool school... the girls are friendly and fun!
girl 1: hey which school you going to?
girl 2: don't know... wonder if im going to high school.
girl 1: don't worry you've always got grier.
by lala January 29, 2005
giving a blow job fools!!
duh--you know:"im like an ally cat-drink the milk up-i want more"
thats semen you idiots!!
by lala April 01, 2005
a fag who wears make up and can sing like a chick
omg, he acts just like Jesse Mccartney
by LaLa February 17, 2005

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