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When you see a person you know on the street, and they see/recognize you, but pretend they didn't and look away in order to avoid talking to you. Usually results in an unnatural looking facial expression.
Laura: Dude, I saw Russel today, but he totally blanked me.
Meag: Really? I thought you guys were friends?
Laura: Yeah, me too. I guess he just didn't want to talk to me.
by Lakshmi April 15, 2009
A small town in Nova Scotia that has a high porportion of residents who are awesome.
"Dude, that Laura is so awesome. She must be from Chezzetcook."
by Lakshmi November 27, 2008
having borrowed someone's lighter and then forgotten to return it.
Last time I let Suzie use my lighter she gumped it.
by Lakshmi April 27, 2007
Popularly known to be Sacramento, but in Nova Scotia, Canada it is a term applied to Sackville, a small town outside of the capital city of Halifax.
Rob: Hey man! Mims is singin about Sackville!
Fred: Naw man, he means Sacremento, not our Sac-town.
by Lakshmi June 01, 2007

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