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When you see a person you know on the street, and they see/recognize you, but pretend they didn't and look away in order to avoid talking to you. Usually results in an unnatural looking facial expression.
Laura: Dude, I saw Russel today, but he totally blanked me.
Meag: Really? I thought you guys were friends?
Laura: Yeah, me too. I guess he just didn't want to talk to me.
#blank #snub #rude #ignore #blanked
by Lakshmi April 15, 2009
A small town in Nova Scotia that has a high porportion of residents who are awesome.
"Dude, that Laura is so awesome. She must be from Chezzetcook."
#chezzetcook #home #lobster #awesome #nova scotia
by Lakshmi November 27, 2008
having borrowed someone's lighter and then forgotten to return it.
Last time I let Suzie use my lighter she gumped it.
#gump #stole #steal #lift #lifted
by Lakshmi April 27, 2007
Popularly known to be Sacramento, but in Nova Scotia, Canada it is a term applied to Sackville, a small town outside of the capital city of Halifax.
Rob: Hey man! Mims is singin about Sackville!
Fred: Naw man, he means Sacremento, not our Sac-town.
#sac-town #sactown #sack-town #mims #rap
by Lakshmi June 01, 2007
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