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3 definitions by LafayetteYette

Saying bye bye to the turd you just dropped in the hot steamy toilet.
I dropped a sweet fudge dragon in my toilet, so I snapped a pic of it and threw my index and middle finger up, then said "Doo Deuces!"
by LafayetteYette October 20, 2010
Making a butt load of fart glasses and putting it into a shopping cart. Then rolling the cart into a mall of people.
Those people pissed me off. I'm gonna deliver a fartcart to their office.
by LafayetteYette October 01, 2010
The act of having sex from behind with a person while eatting a plate off their lower back. Their hands can also double as cup holders or dipping sauce holders.
I wanted to get 2 birds stoned at once so I decided to do the dinner table
by LafayetteYette October 01, 2010