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acronym for Generally Muslim University
ossssaaaamaaa yo mommaaaaaa!!!!
by LP September 16, 2003
Meaning an excess of any one thing or group of said things which take up unnessary amounts of space.
Ryan has a shit ton of DSM parts at his house.
by LP November 29, 2004
Internet shorthand for "therapist," commonly used in mental health chat rooms.
"My tdoc says I'm hypomanic, but I feel fine."
by lp June 24, 2004
a female vagina
yo, i was all up in that chick's poospas last night
by LP March 26, 2004
Springs, the best place in the universe. Located in New York on Long Island. Home to some fine attractions such as Springs School, Barnes Country Market, and.....thats about it.
1)Springs is better then East Hampton and montauk
2)I hate Springs kids, they all suck
by LP May 26, 2003
The sound a burnout makes in a motorized vehicle.
My nizzle Nick did a burnout in his pimp ass Accord rollin on dubs barrrrrrrp!!!!
by lp December 17, 2003
boonton may not be the richest nicest town ever but its ight..... it may not have big house's and fucking rich ass snobby ass kids but boonton kids would rip any of the m lakes kids in half....... lincoln park kids go to boonotn high school so both towns r the same..... m lakes has a good lax team thats it there football team got lucky........ so laker u guys r fucking awsome((((grecco))) so shut the fuck up all u lakers sept the boonton town ship ones some of them r kool
fuck u m lakes ur fucking gay
by lp April 04, 2005

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