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A pencil to spare. Do you ever seem to misplace your pencils right before exams? Have no fear! Someone one has ought to lend you a spencil!
Person 1: Does anyone have a spencil?

Person 2: What the hell is a spencill?

Person 1: A pencil to spare, silly! Everyone knows that!
by LOVECHEESE December 21, 2011
To press the button on one's ambulance pager to signal a response to the nightly tone tests.
Dude, don't forget to zilch your pager tonight at 6:45.

Don't worry, I got it covered.
by LOVECHEESE September 26, 2011
Stomach fat. But a better way to say it.
Dude, I seriously need to kill baby pudge.

Who's that?

My stomach fat.

What does that mean?

I'm still fat......
by LOVECHEESE January 15, 2012
When OMG and no way had sexual intercourse, NOMG was born.
Did you hear the news? If you stick your head in a toilet, you will get pink eye!

NOMG! Let's go try!
by LOVECHEESE January 26, 2012
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