Top Definition will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything.
Googlisms for Bill Gates:
bill gates is satan' page
bill gates is satan conspiracy theory
bill gates is a satanic worshiper who uses microsoft to gain
bill gates is richer than
bill gates is the anti christ
bill gates is a theif
bill gates is on the bus
bill gates is a hero
bill gates is darth vader
bill gates is opening windows on world health
by LN November 24, 2004
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The excessive use of Google's services to the point of addiction-like behavior and/or the firm clinging the rhetoric, "If it isn't Google, it isn't anything."
(This phrase is used by people who scoff at the sight of someone using another Search Engine, or when they see that their friend has a Yahoo or Outlook E-Mail address)

Can usually be solved with De-Googlification
Eric: You fucker! You're using Bing! "If it isn't Google, it isn't anything."

Angie: Well, I can see that the Googlism has completely taken over.
by CopperWhopper67 January 23, 2015
A site quite like this one, but inferior in quality.
Urban Dictionary kicks's rear end!
by strong badian March 13, 2004

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