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A feeling of slight fear or nervousness when put in front of a math or word problem.
John got nervous when seeing 3 times 4 times 57.
He had some serious Math Anxiety.
by LEOGEO November 15, 2009
When one person starts to sing a song close to someone else who then starts to sing the same song subconsciously. Then that person sings it close to someone else and the chain continues.
When Bill started singing "Hotel California" George started singing and then Bob started to sing. Bill set off the contagious song syndrome.
by LEOGEO October 03, 2009
When a child's bookbag is so full that his\her bag ends up acting like a turtle's shell causing slouching and slow movement.
Billy Jean:Boy Diana sure has a full backpack
Smooth criminal:Yea poor Diana has a turtleback bag
by LEOGEO October 16, 2009
when a girl(or perhaps a boy) suddenly becomes angry or mean for no appearant reason.
Bill:What the heck. Kelly just yelled at me randomly. she was happy 5 seconds ago.
Tim:Serious bitch switch
by LeoGeo October 28, 2010
A feeling of hatred or any kind of anger to math when you see a math problem. Not to be confused with Math Anxiety.
Leo:I no like math
Josh:Ihatemath syndrome?
Leo:Oh Yea!
by LEOGEO November 15, 2009
Someone who when your instant messageinging always tells you something annoying or boring.
Hidey: wassup
Molly: My turnips are growing really fast now!
Hidey: Your such an IM annoyance.
by LEOGEO October 05, 2009
When your music volume is higher than you thought and it blasts into your ears when you play it.
Bill: My headphones blasted "Have a nice day" into my ears when i played it.
Chuck: Sounds like headphone harm.
by LEOGEO October 05, 2009
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