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A mythological instrument used to measure the amount of action (a.k.a. macktion) that once receives
"The mack-o-meter is rising tonight, girls!"
by Leah March 02, 2005
Meaning that everything that comes out of your mouth can not be believed.
Your all full of Kaka mate!
by Leah December 07, 2003
When things go a bit more than pear shaped.
like when your monkey goes 'mysteriously' missing..
by leah January 06, 2005
The word M.U.C.K literally means
basically meaning rape of a man
That stalker MUCKed him in the alley.
by Leah January 15, 2005
A cock sucker...he sucks dick allll day long.
Clay wants your dick.
by LEAH August 25, 2004
short or slang for "fool"
"Dat fu ain't got shit on me!"
by Leah July 30, 2003
as told to me by a 90 year old jew: DIRTY PENIS
Girl I wouldn't touch his dick with a ten foot pole and dishwashin gloves-thats one skanky shmuck.
by Leah February 21, 2003

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