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A state of one's person where they're so exhausted that everything is funny.
ha ha ha ha ha ha i am so in lome ha ha ha ha ha
by leah November 22, 2003
One who spends lots of time alone but enjoys that time and feels he or she is better off alone.
Friend of Lome: Hey!! Do you want to hang out tonight?

Lome: Oh I would, but I gotta do that.... thing. Sorry.
by Max Crews October 13, 2006
Verb; To insult, "diss", belittle a thing/person
"Dude you can't take that abuse, lome him back"

"Dude you got lomed!"
by Lwlc January 31, 2007
Verb; To insult/verbally attack/diss someone/thing
"Dude he called you a punk...don't take that, lome him back!"

"Man you got lomed!"
by Lwlc March 02, 2007