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A state of one's person where they're so exhausted that everything is funny.
ha ha ha ha ha ha i am so in lome ha ha ha ha ha
by leah November 22, 2003
19 7
One who spends lots of time alone but enjoys that time and feels he or she is better off alone.
Friend of Lome: Hey!! Do you want to hang out tonight?

Lome: Oh I would, but I gotta do that.... thing. Sorry.
by Max Crews October 13, 2006
6 6
Verb; To insult/verbally attack/diss someone/thing
"Dude he called you a punk...don't take that, lome him back!"

"Man you got lomed!"
by Lwlc March 02, 2007
4 5
Verb; To insult, "diss", belittle a thing/person
"Dude you can't take that abuse, lome him back"

"Dude you got lomed!"
by Lwlc January 31, 2007
0 1