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Kevin Smith's third movie
Did you see Chasing Amy it was awsome!
by LBP December 12, 2004
The best college in the world; Located in Madison, New Jersey; Home of the Drew Rangers.
Drew University Kicks Ass!!!
by LBP December 15, 2004
The nickname of Dan Azzolini, the man who proclaimed himself King of Wayne.
Oh Rat your hat is disgusting
by LBP December 12, 2004
When a girl gives a guy head while he is taking a shit in an outhouse
Holy shit did you here Sams sister gave him a southern blumpkin!
by LBP December 11, 2004
A blowjob given to a guy with a fire crotch (red pubes).
Damn did you hear that fat chick gave Billy a flame job.
by LBP December 12, 2004
The nickname of my friend Sean Andres. A slang term for people of Irish and Filipino decent.
Oh you McFlappy, you love your Jamie Lee Curtis.
by lbp February 24, 2005
This stands for Jamie Lee Curtis Lover. One of the nicknames of Sean Andres.
Oh how I love them sweet ass tities!(talking about Jamie Lee Curtis)
by lbp January 08, 2005

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