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When someone posts so many times on a message board their name is the only one on the first page.
"AK went on a spampede on the EPC message board this morning"
by L0VE (the 0 is a zero) April 10, 2010
A googlemeister is someone who either uses google too much or for misleading purposes.
Sometimes a person will start a thread on the ESPN message board with a theme like funny quotes or jokes, and someone will spam the thread with many copy and pasted items from google. Using google to make replies that help make you sound smart and/or educated is another common ploy of the googlemeister.
by L0VE (the 0 is a zero) October 14, 2009
A term used to describe someone that brings being an a-hole to an other worldly level, or is the biggest a-hole you have ever met.
Man that guy is the biggest a-hole ever, I mean he really takes the cake!
Yeah, he's the pope of assholiness!
by L0VE (the 0 is a zero) December 02, 2010
A mythical tool used to decipher message board posts made by a person who is speaking to one individual person about something only the two of them understand....both of whom, ironically, are usually tools themselves. The goal of the tools is to hope people wonder what they are talking about. The tools can only be thwarted by a decoder ring tool.
Oh bless my stars, another incoherent post by the ancient one....I MUST know what it means! Now....where did I leave that message board decoder ring....
by L0VE (the 0 is a zero) January 31, 2011
When a techie geek ridicules a cool person for using an out of date electronics device
When Rusty saw Tony texting on an old flip phone he finally got his geek revenge by saying "Who texts with word? Do you still clip your beeper to your belt too?"
by L0VE (the 0 is a zero) January 27, 2011
The magic pencil is another name to use for the edit option on a message board
If you post a comment on a message board and later decide you want to change it just use the magic pencil!
by L0VE (the 0 is a zero) October 14, 2009
A handjob from a midget
"she was kinda short but I loved her knee jerk action!"
by L0VE (the 0 is a zero) November 02, 2009

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