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A car that is often accociated with banterous events.
"To the bantermobile, so we can have light hearted banter with strangers and then jamie their dogs!"
by L-Cooper June 25, 2009
A measurement that describes miles per hour covered in the terms of banter.
"We are travelling at banter mph!!!!!!!!"


by L-Cooper June 25, 2009
A small village near the town of Wisbech, which is often used as an excuse that one does not live in the pikeytown that is Wisbech.
Local chav: "We iz from Wizbekistan enit?"

Ruffian: "Yeh, breda.."

Walsoken resident: "I think you'll find my home is just on the right side of the border towards Walsoken, making me not associated with you riff raff!"
by L-Cooper June 25, 2009

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