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One of the most perfect sizes for a girl's breasts.
'I prefer slender A cup breasts over big ugly breasts.'
by Kyle Lees January 21, 2006
Pornographic material featuring legally under-age participants (relative either to the laws of either the viewer's residence or the place of filming). This term can apply to a home-made sex video produced by an under-age couple as much as it can apply to something featuring and produced by a paedophilic or ephebophilic adult.

Viewers preferring this material are likely to be under-age themselves and seeking erotica of their own age group rather than material which would, for them, be teleiophilic or gerontophilic.
When I was an adolescent, I sought what was labelled as 'kiddie porn' to be gratified by the activity of a couple my own age rather than being a teleiophile.
by Kyle Lees February 08, 2007
A body type common outside of America, Germany, and China, as it is a type of beauty underappreciated by the people of these countries -- particularly America, where slim people of either sex are perceived as ill (presumably to make the fat people feel better) and slim males are perceived as lacking masculinity and suspected to be homosexual.

In countries such Japan, France, and Sweden, however, thin people are more well-accepted and appreciated without carrying a social stigma.

'Oh my God, you are so skinny. You need to put some meat on those bones, hun. Are you anorexic or something?'

'No. Fuck you, lardchugger.'
by Kyle Lees February 20, 2006
A woman engaged to be married. Sometimes mistakenly used to refer to a married woman.
'Jane is my fiancée; we are to be wed in two months.'
by Kyle Lees September 03, 2006
A man engaged to be married. Sometimes mistakenly used to refer to a married man.
'Josh is my fiancé; we are to be wed in two months.'
by Kyle Lees September 03, 2006
One who utilises UrbanDictionary.com as a message board, writing and responding to other users rather than actually writing any type of definition (silly or otherwise) of a word or term.
'The last definition said something about people never getting this word right. Well, I think that when some--'

'Just stop, Jesse. Do not join the urbandicks by playing that "urban undefiner" game.'
by Kyle Lees April 21, 2006
A dietary belief and subculture founded on the school of thought that humanity is anatomically frugivorous and would benifit most by eating accordingly for optimum health. The theory is scientifically sound yet the life is a difficult one to maintain in a world where most fruit is hybridised, pumped as much as legally possible with pesticides, and irradiated. Fruitarians who live on healthy land with plenty of rain tend to see the full benefit of their belief in this natural diet of Man.

Fruitarianism is often accompanied by the tenets of raw foodism.
'Fruitarianism, or the Theory of Human Frugivory, like our planet being round, is one of those simple truths which will be met by opposition for dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of years before being even remotely accepted.'
by Kyle Lees January 21, 2006

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