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The feeling of unhappiness, irritation, frustration and moodiness combined into a single feeling. Scruntiness can be brought on by lack of sleep, menstrual cycle, not getting your own way, being wrong, losing an argument or being hungover.
"Woaah. You're a bit scrunty today. Who lit the fuse on your tampon?"

"Fuck off. I'm scrunty."
#menstral cycle #bad mood #hungover #argument #wrong #unhappiness #irritation #frustration #moodiness
by kristiano90 November 03, 2011
The final stage before vomiting violently. The swirling pool stage is your body’s natural way of warning you to remove yourself from the public eye and seek a toilet, waste bin or other discarding device.
"I'm gonna' have to go home mate. I'm in the swirling pool!"
#sick #sicikness #nautious #illness #ill
by kristiano90 November 03, 2011
A word used to describe a medium to large, lower working class family who usually live in a council estate. Their skin is green (as they cannot afford, or be bothered to wash) and are usually seen riding a stolen bike or pushing a buggy, whilst holding a bottle of White Storm and inhaling a Windsor Blue cigarette. This kind of family is regularly featured on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Woofers are closely linked to White Trash.
"Hey Sharice. Have you seen that family who just moved in accross the street? They're such woofers..."
#wofers #white trash #jeremy kyle #family #white storm #windsor blue #scruff #council estate
by Kristiano90 November 03, 2011
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