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(n) a seriously annoying person
Shirley is a stupid piswidget.
by KraiZ October 23, 2004
a dolebludger living in housing commission (government housing)
i'm a hauso
it's a hauso 'hood
ahhh!!! a gang of hauso's!!!
by KraiZ October 25, 2004
1. wat u'd say if u were going 2 look up something ("let me google" it).
2. a word that is hard 2 say 20 times over.
"i dunno either. hang on, loobygoogle it"
"loobygoogle, loobygoogle, loogygookle..."
by KraiZ August 28, 2005
made of words fantastic & miracle
i just had a fantastrical idea
i'm in a fantastrical mood
by KraiZ October 25, 2004
Stands for "fall off chair in shock", related to lol and pmpl.
Random: Damen isnt gay!
KraiZ: Focis!
Random: Oh my bad, wrong person. Pfft... Damen's a bitch.
by KraiZ December 16, 2004

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