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a person who sucks up to people in a position of authority in order to get some kind of reward or perks
My co-worker Josh is such an ass kisser
by Kool Mint Flava October 03, 2004
number 8 on the drunkness scale
1- slightly buzzed
2- buzzed
3- very buzzed
4- slightly drunk
5- drunk
6- very drunk
7- slammed
8- very slammed (usually throwing up)
9- passed out
10- death
I'm going to kick your ass if you make it to an 8 again and I have to clean it up!
by Kool Mint Flava September 30, 2004
a band that makes music with certain themes and charactors appearing multiple times in their music examples would be Elizebeth and Maria which are charactors that interact with the lead singers love life and are mentioned in multiple songs set to talented rock music that is an easy listen in most cases
Mr. Jones is on the radio that song rocks its the counting crows first big hit.
by Kool Mint Flava October 03, 2010
those little bottles of liquir usually containing 50 ml. They are very convienent because you can hide a few in your pocket and get drunk while you are walking around
We took 20 airplane bottles into Rockwood park Saturday afternoon and got trashed
by Kool Mint Flava July 26, 2008
To be so stoned that you are passing out on the couch.
CroMag hit the bong so hard that everyone else in the room assessed him as bushed.
by Kool Mint Flava October 08, 2004
when someone keeps trying to use a debit or credit card that dosnet work in front of you in line and it holds everyone up.
Man this guy in front of me was such a card tard the cashier said sir it says invalid pin number 3 times before finally they manually ran it through to get him out of there, and im trying to get through on my 15 min break
by Kool Mint Flava January 22, 2010
When someone is very drunk and very high at the same time
John was so crushed at the party last night, He must have drank a case and every time I looked at him he was hitting the bowl
by Kool Mint Flava September 26, 2004

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