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a branch of technology using Microsoft Access for processing terrabytes of data run in overnight batches kicked off by Microsoft Access' Timer function
In today's e-commerce it is imperative that technologists use sarjeantology to slice and dice terrabytes of data and produce customer reports.
by Koffee June 23, 2006
to unexpectedly and without any warning take over someone's computer for a prolonged amount time
I could not make it for lunch as I was sarjeaned at the last minute.
by Koffee June 24, 2006
the act of accosting without any warning
They do not like to work in that office as there is a guy who uses sarjeaning to keep them late.
by Koffee June 24, 2006
to lie blatantly and not suspect getting caught or exposed
If you billdecker me again I will not talk to you.
by Koffee June 24, 2006

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