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when a woman lays out in the sun after being cum on and the cum acts like tanning oil, heating up and burning the skin. She then has minor burn lines(not tan lines) of the outline where she was came on.
My girlfriend was grease dried after we had sex yesterday morning.

I made her do a grease dry for me to suit my fetish.

by Kniggit88 September 23, 2010
This is when a guy is about to ejaculate and his cum comes out like its coming out of a salt shaker. The girl get pelted with little bits of cum. She WILL get angry and walk out because she has lost her craving for your cock.
My boyfriend had the Salt Shaker problem last night when he came on me. I was gross.

by Kniggit88 September 23, 2010
When ever you are having sexual intercourse and all of a sudden from outside you hear a dog bark. You lose your horniness and the girl ends up leaving. It is very embarrassing and usually everyone in your school will know about it the next day.
Johnny did a dingo freeze last night while we were having sex. I left his bitch ass there and broke up with him that night.
by Kniggit88 September 23, 2010
When a girl gets tied down by a group of men willingly and they all cum on her at once. She then must let the cum dry and not shower for at least 3 days. Not for the normal person.
I know jenny got pepper sprayed last night, because i saw her leave with those guys and plus she smelled like cum today.

by Kniggit88 September 23, 2010

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