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1. to defeat someone in a complex, confusing manner, usually by a large margin.
2.To be under the unfluence of controlled substances and/or alcohol.
"Dude he got razza-tazzed from that 151 at that halloween party. He hooked up with that weird fat chick dressed as a soccer player that was poking him with the glowstick all night"

"I just got so razza-tazzed by Lenard on Super Smash Brothers for Gamecube. He is unstoppable with Captain Falcon. FALCON PUUUNNNNNNNCH!"
by kitchenstadium October 22, 2007
Only expelling fecal matter in public restrooms when someone else is using the hand dryer, flushing the toilet, or anything that produces equal noise levels.
But...Hand dryers and toilets flushing only last for so long, therefore you must "spike it" to avoid making noise.
Commonly used by people who care too much about what other people think. Or those who wish to reduce unsavory bathroom noises.
Man there was alot of people in the crapper, I was spiking it hard!
Dude I the most brutal diarhhea, I didnt have the sphincter power to spike it, everyone heard and laughed.
by Kitchenstadium January 23, 2007
1.to apply excessive force to an object

2.(slang) Consuming a certain substance or performing a certain activity with great style, prowess, and originality.
"Dude lets crush the new songs at band practice tomorrow!"

"Dude their new album is a crusher!"

"So, dude, wouldn't you agree Warhorse is the most crushing doom metal band ever?"

"hey lets go to my house and crush some bong loads"

"Lets go crush some beers at the beach! We'll make a pit stop at Wal Mart so we can steal some wood pallets to make a bonfire."
by kitchenstadium October 17, 2007
Something so silly that it has to change every few months.
"Bro hos find Uggs very fashionable."
"How did GIGANTIC glasses become fashionable for girls to wear? It look like they are hiding a black eye from their football player boyfriend."
by Kitchenstadium January 19, 2007
1.heavily under the influence of controlled substances and/or alcohol

2.Being defeated by a large margin
1.-"Last night I was so jazzed"
-"You cant even begin to comprehend the level of jazzed-ness I was at when I smoked salvia"

2."Dude I just got jazzed by that level 70"
by kitchenstadium October 22, 2007
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