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A Golden Globe nominated film about a teenage girl that gets pregnant by her best friend; an extremely smart, witty dark comedy with a slighly cliched ending. A wonderful movie, nonetheless.
Juno stars Ellen Page and superCUTE Michael Cera.
by Kirbiet December 30, 2007
In the real world, bubblegum is a delicious candy, fully enjoyed by chewing until the sugary sweet flavor has diminished to nothing. Then, said candy is to be either spit out into an appropriate receptacle for trash and the like, or stuck under a chair, desk, table, or other object that has an underside. Usually comes in a pack. Can come in many varieties of flavor, texture, and sugar content. Can also be used to help one quit smoking (a nasty habit) or to whiten one's teeth. The "bubble" prefix is intended to imply that bubbles can be blown from the gum after it has been chewed for an adequate amount of time, most likely used to entice children into chewing bubblegum, giving them yet another way to annoy those around them.
Juicy Fruit, Dentyne, Bazooka, and Trident are all types of bubblegum.
by Kirbiet October 18, 2007
An affectionate term, used between friends, lovers, and the like.
(Upon seeing her best friend) Jenny-"Hey bubblemaker!"

(During a special moment) -"You're my number 1 bubblemaker."
by Kirbiet October 16, 2007
A German word meaning "you suck."
Evan- Hahaha, I'm winning!!
Jenny- Splacknuck, young boy, splacknuck!!!
by Kirbiet September 02, 2007
An openly gay young man who most likely has schizophrenia, ADHD, or some other mental illness and needs constant supervision. Also probably the funniest guy on youtube. Most known for his emotional outburst following Britney Spears' God-awful performance at the VMAs, where he begged everyone who cares to listen to "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!"
Chris Crocker seems like a fun gay. I'd go clubbing with him.
by Kirbiet October 25, 2007
An oxymoron.

Seriously people. Romeo and Juliet was a story.
13 year old girl- I've only been going out with (boy's name) for 2 hours, but I really love him and we're going to be 2 gether 4 ever!
Older wiser person- Get a hold of yourself. You're actin' a fool.
13 year old- But I--
Older person- SH! Teen love doesn't exist. Don't argue. Go play with your Barbies.
by Kirbiet March 15, 2008

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