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Someone who tries way too hard to be something they're not, and at the same time, fails while doing it. :] Which is fun to laugh at.

How Can You Tell Who's a Poser?

Posers usually attempt to listen to whatever-subculture-they-try-to-be's type of music. But usually end up listening to sell outs or poser BANDS. They also buy things people will think are {LABEL}, so people will say, "OMG UR SO {LABEL}!" to them, mainly for attention. They also try to do EVERY EXACT THING one specific label does. ex. Emo - Cut/ Prep - Wear a lot of pink, hate other cliques
These people will also SAY they do these things for... ATTENTION. Most often dress for attention as well.

A very popular label that has many types of posers, is emo. Mainly because of the whole Black Parade Scene. {Dont get me wrong, I love My Chemical Romance} And many think it shows they're cool, or want to look like a "non-conformist". Many can be found on {VampireFreaks].com

Long story short is that posers are sorry excuses for everything. And many just want to look different. Labels are gay things that take people's originality away. There's no use for them, AND PEOPLE HAVE TO LEARN TO BE THEMSELVES.
by KiraKira July 17, 2008
A two headlight vehicle with only one working headlight.
There's a padiddler driving with a headlight out!
by Kirakira December 20, 2013

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