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a dirty ass person. Usually smells very scringy.
Jim - Damn bro U fuckin Stink
John - No i dont dude
Jim - Take a shower u fuckin scringe!!
by KingKoopster April 23, 2013
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when the dick is put in the ass for anal sex and is then tooken out and the scringe of the ass is leaked out
by idonotknowwhat2put July 07, 2009
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Often unexpected unpleasant or shocking facial reflection from mobile device
Omg - just had the worst case of scringe eva!!!😣
by jen March 28, 2015
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The opposite of a cringe worthy moment. Cringey smiling. Smiling as you make others cringe. Weird people that should be cringing but they are actually smiling, as if not getting the awkward moment that they are sitting in.
Chris: That was such a cheesy joke!
Ethan: I know! It was so scringe worthy!
or after Ethan and Chris complete a mud run and are covered in mud. They go into McDonalds to see Ronald McDonald.
Chris and Ethan enjoying a cheeseburger while covered in mud interrupted by a guy pretending to be Ronald McDonald with an animal balloon.

Ethan: "Dude, that weird clown is making me scringe"
by oface3 January 22, 2017
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