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a third century word deprived from Latin meaning a world conquerer or leader; one who has earned world domination through conquest or plundering; a title for one who has conquered all of earth's land
Hitler was almost a xirak in World War II, but his death prevented so.

The president is now the ruler of the world, so he is Xirak Obama.
#conquerer (synonym) #ruler (synonym) #one with no prowess (antonym) #zirak (misspell) #xirac (misspell)
by KingAzxoll9 October 01, 2012
Online comedy Youtube series created by user KingAzxoll9 chronicling the life of random guy Zach, through his perspective, and the odd adventures and antics of his friends and family; consists of singular episodes, specials, multiple-part episodes, and seasons; in association with the PS3 Hive clan
"Life of Azxoll" was cancelled in September 2013, but was renewed for its complete first season in November.

The Hive Clan sponsors "Life of Azxoll" and "Life of Azxoll" sponsors the Hive.
#youtube (related) #comedy (related) #video (synonym) #hive clan (related) #life of axoll (misspell)
by KingAzxoll9 November 01, 2013
a Playstation 3 online clan found on the videogames Aliens vs. Predator (2010) and Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013); consists of a few thousand members, led by a lead Matriarch; has various activities, games, matches, and ranks of its own, an individual clan with many smaller subclans and a wiki (at www. the-hive.wikia.com/Main_Page); any player cna join through a ritual known as an Initiation Round
The Hive Clan has 1600 members and is led by Matriarch italian-stal as of summer 2013.

Did you play with he Hive Clan this weekend? Doing so may increase one's chance of ranking up in it.

The predator's plasma caster is not respected in the Hive Clan.
#online clan (synonym) #matriarch (related) #italian-stal (related) #subclan (related) #hiv clan (misspell)
by KingAzxoll9 May 30, 2013
the world's oldest and least-known language, also known as Pre-Latin; contrary to popular belief, Drayic came before any other language, even ancient Sumerian and Arabian languages; most of it compromises of very simple nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verb conjugations, as well as continuous repetition of double vowels in words; little is known of it because most proof of it has been destroyed long ago, only miniscule amounts of ruins can be found in northern arctic regions with basic hieroglyphs and pictures
Drayic is the language that is known to have evolved into Latin.

An example of a Drayic word is immaetriitul, which means eternity.
#prelatin (synonym) #first language (synonym) #latin (related) #recent language (antonym) #draian (speaker of drayic) #draic (alternate spelling) #draeic (alternate spelling)
by KingAzxoll9 May 30, 2013
Latin word for a male dragon; word relating to or of a male dragon
The male dragon is more properly known as the agondray.

The agondrays and dracons breed at mating season.
#male reptile (synonym) #dracon (antonym) #female dragon (antonym) #agon dray (different spelling) #agonray (misspell)
by KingAzxoll9 October 01, 2012
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