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When a man puts his penis into a box of popcorn at a cinema and his partner attempts to masturbate him secretly.
We went to watch Star Wars but all we got was soggy popcorn.
by Kim Mitten March 24, 2007
Cheer Up, it'll be alright mate.
John: Whats wrong?
Jack: My girlfriend dumped me cos I look a bit like a parrot.
John: Pussy Up Chips, plenty more fish in the sea.
by Kim Mitten April 12, 2007
When curb crawling, stopping but then pulling off very slowly whenever someone approaches drive forward slowly therefore teasing them into catching up.
Did you pick up any hookers tonight?
No I was just traffic teasing.
by Kim Mitten March 24, 2007
A Brighton term for a woman with very spotty breasts.
I got her bra off and she had Goodies Pizza, I couldn't continue.
by Kim Mitten April 12, 2007
When one person shaves all their body hair onto another. Sometimes this can be a sexual activity where one or both partners get satisfaction from the act.
Last night Mike gave me a Bear Shower.
by Kim Mitten April 02, 2007
When a female shaves off her pubic hair but leaves just an arch of hair above the clitoris. Similar to a walrus style bristle brush early 20th century moustache.
'Cath shaved her pubes last night but she left a clit moustache.'
by Kim Mitten April 23, 2007
Someone who gets sexual pleasure from a partners dirty burger.
I had a dirty burger and Simon lapped it up, he's such a dirty clown.
by Kim Mitten April 12, 2007
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