The practice of trying to pick up a prostitute in a red-light district, by driving slowly along the curb, and checking out the action.
Hey, Luigi, you wanna go curb crawling tonight?
by Rod Brock July 26, 2006
when your walking home and get curb crawled. when some scary person in a car slows down and drives at walking speed a few metres behind you. if you speed up, they speed up. and if you slow down they slow down. incredibly scary esp if your on your own.
"holy fuck, the cars still behind us guys! wtf are we gonna do!?"
by ThatGirl January 13, 2005
Generally, to drive slowly in a vehicle.
The band Marillion wrote in the song Blind Curve of album Misplaced Childhood:

I see convoys curb crawling west german autobahns
Trying to pick up a war
They're going to even the score
by ALAVOIE January 22, 2008

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