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A slight fluttering sensation felt in the flaccid penis as it starts becoming erect during normal everyday activity or while seated, usually as a reaction to some kind of unanticipated sexual stimulus. The trouser butterfly is also associated with a very slight movement of the penis as the erection progresses, making a noticeable movement through the trousers / pants.
Did you see that gorgeous new receptionist? She was so hot it gave me a trouser butterfly.

I got a trouser butterfly on the bus this morning because the seat was vibrating so much, and I'm sure the woman sitting opposite noticed.

Sandra asked me out for a drink at lunchtime - it gave me a trouser butterfly just thinking about it!

by Killdozer May 01, 2007
The adjective describing a person who is wearing their hair in the style of a mullet
Mel Gibson in lethal weapon is the only credible bemulleted action hero I can remember

The bemulleted guy down at the garage said the car would take about a week to fix

No way man you ruined my hair cut, I'm bemulleted!!!
by Killdozer August 03, 2009
A term describing something totally lacking in flavour, style, identity, political platform, humour or any distinguishing characteristics to engender an emotional response (positive or negative). It may be considered something so bland that it's actually a a weaponised form of boredom.
I just don't like white bread, it's blandthrax.

American Idol is just musical blandthrax, dude.

Japanese cars from the 1980s were mostly blandthrax - all grey plastic and boxy.

Oh man, spent 2 hours today filling in my passport application form, feels like a blandthrax attack!
by Killdozer July 16, 2009
Adjective describing the property of behaving like a twat, or saying something which makes you sound like a twat.
What was up with Eric today? I don't see why he has to be twatular with me.

I don't mean to sound twatular, but your breath stinks so bad I'd rather you just didn't talk to me.

Why does your father have to get so twatular with me because I don't have a job?
by Killdozer February 05, 2009
A Tummy Toe is a like a camel toe, except located on a woman's stomach fat. Tummy Toes occur when a woman's belly is forced into tight jeans and the excess fat around the belly button is squeezed into mimicking the labia. Tummy Toes are usually observed in women over 40 (often observed in porn containing 40+ models) and plump women who have their belt done up too tightly. The effect is often made worse if the woman sports a belly button piercing which accents the topography of their Tummy Toe.
Whoa Jenny, do something about those jeans - you got a tummy toe between your muffin tops.

Yeah, those leggings look great but the pull of the lycra is making you tummy toe a bit.
by Killdozer January 27, 2010
A phonetically contracted word derived from " I kind of sort of", "I kind of said that" & "I've kind of seen it", used by people who have worked in so many European and American businesses that they have lost their original accent and patterns of speech, slurring into a strange mix of British, American and MTV speak. It may be used as a catchphrase by users in the same way as "know what I mean" or "innit".

People who use the word cannot hear it and are often unaware they have contracted four or five words into one - which frequently leads to confusion on behalf of the other parties in the conversation.
Hey I kindasiddick we needed to sort those contracts out, but they're dragging their heels at the LA end.

I didn't see The Hangover at the cinema, but I kindasiddick got it off BitTorrent

I met this guy today who has developed some amazing new social networking apps for MySpace, he's kindasiddick, like, such a cool dude.
by Killdozer July 23, 2009
A variation on camel toe where a woman's labia and pubic region are visible through clothing as a bulge which looks similar to the bulge created in men's clothing by the penis and testicles. A girlcock differs from a camel toe by causing a bulge either left or right of the central seam of the trousers / swimming costume as opposed to being divided equally left and right with the seam in the middle of the labia. Girlcock is most frequently associated with women with very bushy pubic hair.
My pants are a bit too tight - do they look OK or have they given me a girlcock?
by Killdozer August 22, 2006

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