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The catlike race of vanadiel having the highest agility and dexterity of the races. They make excellent Theives. They are often seen actually being men.
Hey there pretty lady! whats that you got ther.. OH MY GOD!
by Kigami August 25, 2004
Short magical creatures with unproportional small arms and legs and an unnaturally large head, They are normally seen doing the /panic motion in exchange for gil.
Awwwwww Look at Odyne! she is the cutest taru taru ever!
by Kigami August 25, 2004
The cutest taru by far, From her endless pool of kindess and Cuteness she is often found helping others or relaxing to enjoy a nice day of fishing. Awwwwww
Odyne wiggles her bum. ^^
by Kigami August 25, 2004
The tall narcissistic race of vanadiel they excel in the areas of mind and charisma, They make excellent whitemages. They are often seen Marrying someone but never go through with it.
Yay tahkuyne is getting married! .. oh wait.. nm.
by Kigami August 25, 2004
The giants of vanadiel they make excellent melees and can take hits like no one else. They are often seen Hugging Taru Tarus and fattening them up.
Wow that galka just.... ate that taru.
by Kigami August 25, 2004
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