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Basis of the term "Big Dumb Galka"
"damn the nin got a rep and its a big dumb galka"
"dc now, not worth it"
by Eudora October 11, 2006
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The giants of vanadiel they make excellent melees and can take hits like no one else. They are often seen Hugging Taru Tarus and fattening them up.
Wow that galka just.... ate that taru.
by Kigami August 25, 2004
The enormous race that used to live in the Quicksand Caves, but got booted out of there by the Antica and now live in the Republic of Bastok. They have a lot of HP, and their Vitality is unmatched. They also have great Strength, but not matched to that of the Elvaan. They make great Monks, Warriors, and Paladins, but their lack of every other stat makes it hard to play as any other job. However, you do see a lot of Galka White Mages, Summoners, Black Mages, and anything else just to show off how good they are.

They are often roleplayed as one end of the spectrum to the other. Either very strong and masculine, or very cuddly like a bear. They aren't technically male, since they can only reproduce by reincarnation, but as a result of their physique and facial hair, they are regarded as the all-male race of Vana'diel.

Poor Galkas... they always need Astral Rings to play as a Mage job. And yet, 90% of them ARE Mages.
by Stammer6 June 08, 2006

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