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Ebonics for "child fucker".
The old man down the street is an R. Kelly, because he tried to rape my little sister in the playground.
by kid October 30, 2003
greatest drummer, sik beard too
yo, check it out... its M.A.P.
by kid December 13, 2003
me, a kid at lm
yo!! Kid!! Why are you stalking me??
by KID March 29, 2004
A kid in South Brunswick who was named Han during band camp and is asian.
Why can't I be like Han Solo?!?!?
by kid March 02, 2005
A person who likes/ loves to take drugs.
Jay: guess what man?
Rich: what?
Jay: I took some pills last night and I'm still feeling it.
Rich: damn son, you're such a "crackhead."
by KiD January 18, 2004
noun. Used to describe a person who fucks anythiny that moves. If it doesn't move, often they will give it a push.
That Lewdminx guy is such an omni-sexual.
by Kid June 20, 2004
That crazy 31-year old sicko who stole my teddy bear, cut a hole between its legs, and messed up the stuffing with some kind of smelly fluid by the time I found it. It was so badly mutilated and reeked so bad that I immediately threw it in the trash.
Damn that plushophile and his teddy-molesting fetish.
by kid August 20, 2003

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