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When you act like Anthony and/or Ian from Smosh, the most popular people on Youtube (maybe the internet).
Dude, John, haha, you're smoshing again
by Kevinthetrooper June 21, 2008
Pretty much a sunburn that you get on a cloudy day, usually when you least expect it. Usually used in Western Washington (State).
MOM: "Jimmy Get over here, NOW. You have to put on some sunscreen so you don't get a cloudburn!"

Jimmy: "But Mom, I doubt that I will get burned with all these clouds!"
by Kevinthetrooper June 21, 2008
It is an operating system that is disliked by the creatorof it(or CEO of the Company that released it), or the users. For example when Bill gates was interviewed and pointed out that he doesn't like vista.
"Man, after Bill Gates said he doesn't like Vista, it made me feel like I'm using a piece-of-crap-OS!"
by Kevinthetrooper June 23, 2008

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