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The capital and largest city of South Korea. Founded in the 14th century, it became the country's capital in 1948. Population: 10,726,862.
It's the best city ever!
Seoul is better than Tokyo
by Kev April 19, 2005
A rather impractical sex act where a woman or man rims a man's ringpiece while simultaneously reaching round to give it some elbow on his prok sword, the action being akin to playing a trombone.
Les Dennis was shocked when he came home early and found his wife Amanda tromboning Neil Morrisey again.
by Kev December 10, 2002
A gentleman who bangs at the back door
See that Elton John, he's a right cock-knocker.
by Kev December 10, 2002
To penetrate into a line without notice, successfully embedding oneself into the line.
Ted: 'Dude, this line is long!'
Ben: 'Wanna line rape it?'
by kev May 04, 2014
Derogatory name for a paedophile, or someone who goes for partners of a much younger age.
"Shut it ya kiddie fiddler"
by Kev October 05, 2003
A less offensive term for spunk.
After a night dreaming of Anne Widecombe, Cuthbert woke to find his trollies covered in cockohol.
by Kev December 10, 2002
A woman or man who is addicted to cockohol.
See that Jordan bird, she's a right cockaholic
by Kev December 10, 2002
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