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3 definitions by Kerci

means apple in gipsy language, also used for words that can not be described.
Aron loves to steal phabaj. I can't remember that phabaj. What was that phabaj again? Who would steal phabaj? Are you phabajing me?
by Kerci February 13, 2008
12 2
A person with a bad behavior or bad attitude, or someone whose acts have negative effects on others. The phrase comes from the hungarian expression 'rosszcsont' used mainly by old people and very young kids.
You're just being a bad bone! You bad bone! Be a good bone!
by Kerci March 13, 2008
6 3
a female who serves coffe n shit in a bikini.
The bikini barista said she'd take her bra off for a buck
by Kerci February 26, 2008
10 9