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variation of "guggie". See guggie.
"Aw, you da googie! Yes you are yes you are!!!"
by Ken December 25, 2003
a highly skilled young gentleman.also a sexy love god.and is the hardist crew member.
oh may god the quinns comin that sexy man beast
by ken November 27, 2004
Verb. To mizoogle something, to ask someone something that you could easily find out yourself by using the Google search engine.

Derived from the common practice among Mizan's friends of asking him for information rather than just googling it; has since evolved to include anyone being badgered for information (and not just Mizan).
Sure, I *could* research which members of Congress are into bestiality myself; but why google something when you can mizoogle it?
by ken October 19, 2004
ebonics for "bet yall I'll beat yall"
be shal bee shal to tha stowe
by Ken January 16, 2004
Rolling Over Bed Laughing
01:11:12 <Spastic> So like Autism sounds shit
01:11:23 <chopz> man why are you lookin at that
01:11:31 <Spastic> Cause there was some ad on the tv
01:11:33 <Spastic> Teh
01:11:39 <Spastic> And I felt bad for teh kid with autism
01:11:44 <Spastic> Cause he was like 18 years old
01:11:47 <Spastic> And playing magic cards
01:11:51 <Spastic> So he was kinda like Jon
01:11:56 <chopz> ROFL
01:12:09 <chopz> rolling around my bed laughing
01:12:13 <Spastic> ROBL
by Ken October 20, 2004
Variation of the word "puppy". "Puppy" becomes "poopy", and therefore "poopy" becomes "poopster" by the nature of human beings to add a -ster at the end of everything.
The poopster is out there chasing her tail.
by Ken December 25, 2003
Synonym for "dog".
That is one cute guggie you have there.
by Ken December 25, 2003

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