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One who constantly craves the chaos, feeling, and attention that drama can bring along with it.
He's been telling everyone a different story, just to turn everyone against each other, he's such a drama whore.
by KelseexGore October 09, 2007
A Myspacer who adds tons of people, is constantly whored, and allows everyone in, just for the sake of saying they have 8k in their display name. When you try to talk to them, they ignore you, they think they are better than everyone else because of the number of friends they have, even when they don't even know half of them, or talk to them.
That Tera chick is a totaly friend collector, she's never even messaged anyone and she has 5k friends.
by KelseexGore October 09, 2007
The attitude of caring and worrying about the world, or earth. Wanting to change it for the better, through people, environment, etc.
She's strong in her worldism, and last I heard, she was planning some sort of big web site.
by KelseexGore October 09, 2007
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