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noun- when something is so sweet, it's probably a penis.
Gemma- I've got great boobs!
Kyle- Really?
Gemma- Absolutely!
Kyle- Sweenis, yo.
by keldard January 30, 2011
noun- Ukrainian term meaning 'dirty heroin' or filthy, home-crafted, bangable narcotic.

verb- 1. The injection of 'dirty heroin' (shirkaing/shirkaed).
Put in extra toilet water, Yuri, this batch of shirka is going to score us the mad vagina, yes?

Svetlana got so shirkaed, she tried to convince me and Oleh to go and mung some guy who had just been buried. Gross.
by keldard January 27, 2011
The belief system adhered to by spies and superheroes/ villains.
The church of Dangerism likely doesn't exist.
by keldard April 01, 2011
noun- The truckstop breakfast emerged out of long distances between service stops, hemorrhoids, and man-hunger. Usually performed as 'soixante-neuf' (or 69), two typically bearded truck drivers gingerly nibble one another's hemorrhoids until both are satiated.
...but the third truckstop breakfast was just right, and so she ate it all up.
by keldard January 30, 2011
meat-seeking gristle noun \ˈpē-nəs\

: the part of the body of men and male animals that is used for sex and through which urine leaves the body
Chad: "My boss is a real meat-seeking gristle head."

Barbara: "I know that you're proud of your new word, and it's not the least clever play on words I've ever heard from you, but-"

by keldard June 08, 2014
noun- A round of sloppy felatio
Sarah was blobbing me off gloriously, until I looked down and noticed it was Hank all along. Hank...what a kidder!
by keldard January 30, 2011
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