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Street slang for PCP (angel dust).
Golly! I think this marijuana is laced with phenylcyclohexylpiperidine!
by Kebin September 16, 2007
A sock-brick can be made by putting a brick into a sock. This sock-brick can be used as a bludgeoning weapon, usually to crack open a person's skull.
"Man, Leroy tried to roll up on me last night, so I sock-bricked the shit out of him. I ran out when I saw his brains all over the sidewalk."
by Kebin May 03, 2009
Occurs with males after a long night of sex or masturbation, where you go to pee but more than one stream of piss goes in different directions. Often results in splattering the toilet, walls, and floor of the bathroom.
Man, I went to piss this morning and ended up multipeeing all over my toilet and bathroom floor.
by Kebin January 27, 2008

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