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When one shaves off all of his or her pubic hairs.
Kaytee: Hey Bria! Guess what? I mowed my lawn today!

Bria: Too much info..
by Kaytee August 07, 2004
When one person says something to offend another. Also you can say just burn, but burn down the side is reffering to side burns, like the facial hair. And when this is said instead of just burn it makes it more offending.
Rochelle: Well at least I don't eat 20 meals a day!

Kaytee: Well at least I don't throw up the meals I do eat!

by Kaytee August 09, 2004
Lord of the Ring hottie elf. Shoots bows and arrows. Teenage girls sometimes refer to hot guys as a legolas.
That new guy Brent is SO Legolas!
by Kaytee December 04, 2003
Gross, yuck, rancid, disgusting, Yucky-PooPoo
Regan's breath was ranki!
by Kaytee December 04, 2003
Meaning 'shit'. Made up by two girls that had nothing better to do with their spare time than to sit and make up meaningless words and piss of other people because they didn't know what the gnash we were saying.
Oh gnash! You lardass..
by Kaytee December 16, 2004
To die, kill, die out, etc.
I really want Diane to snuff it.
by Kaytee December 04, 2003
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