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79 definitions by Kayla

the sexiest...hottest guy you will ever meet....he has an awsome personality and is good a makeing out .......yah n e ways hes just drop dead SEXY no need to say more
look at that manni
by kayla January 23, 2004
64 50
Means not good enough to be okay.
The food at the restaurant was mehish
by Kayla April 21, 2004
21 8
a synonym for fo' shizzle.
Fo' sheezy my neezy!
by kayla June 26, 2003
20 7
Slug Trails' appear after an orgasm, and your sheets have clear residue in a trail that looks like a slug has just passed through.
You should wash your sheets more often, that slug trail is all crusty now!
by Kayla July 14, 2004
28 17
a tight ass girl rock band
Lillix kicks ass!!!
by Kayla July 14, 2003
27 16
Tom Hank's son who stars in Orange County and is kinda hot
Colin Hanks stars in orange County
by Kayla October 18, 2003
15 5
No one actually knows what it means. It is a quirky little phrase that most people don't really get to use. Its fun to say.
**WARNING: Do not actualy suck on lawn gnomes, they are a choking hazard**
"That sucks lawn Gnomes."
"Whats that mean?"
"I dunno. Its fun to say"
by Kayla April 16, 2005
19 11