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to impale a female who has yet to experience the displeasure of cherry popping.
"yo boy, i chilled with her and i got the v card snatch, it was a messy business"
by Katzilla January 15, 2006
a term used by really gay teachers, when they feel students have indulged in acts of illegal activities. Students are placed on "suspect watch" and are sometimes interrogated by teachers.
You walk in late to class with your head down. Teacher yells at you "Yo boy, you are on suspect watch! Put cha damn head up and lemme look at them eyes"
by Katzilla January 16, 2006
The word 'yill' comes from the origins of the word chill, and is the coolest of all chills. This occurs when the coolest of all your hommies chill together and ingage in activities such as, smoke, drink, play video games, pull missions, and fool with tha girls.
"Yo G, you wanna yill tonight? i got a 6 pack and 3 bitches ready to go"

Can also be used in the context of "Yo hommie, are we yilling tonight?"

"First guy: Yo man, I'm sorry, I drank your beer by accident. Next guy: No worries, its yills."
by Katzilla January 15, 2006
a term used to describe your most chilling of all your boys. Your "guyzer" is only used to describe a select few of your friends that you truely trust, appreciate, back, and want to associate youself with.
"I said yooo guyzer, what are you saying tonight? You wanna chill down at the spot?"

"How are you guyzer, your looking good today ;)"
by Katzilla January 16, 2006
Short for for "Fucking Itchy Balls Syndrome"
FIBS occurs mostly to athletes and males who have abnormally large testicles, which in turn, provides for the discomfort of ball-rub-against-leg. Furthermore, the victim must reach inside and scratch for no more than 20 seconds at a time in intervals of 3 minutes to prevent severe bleeding.
"Gold Bond was created to help FIBS victims"
"FIBS occurs to 9 out of 10 athletes"
"You cannot die from FIBS disease"
by Katzilla January 14, 2006
a person who committs an act that is blatently obvious, which in turn, poses as a concern to the others who feel they are at risk of either a) getting booked or b) bitched slapped in the face by their girl.
Coming back to school with ya boys smelling like you've been smoking the good stuff. -- "Man, you didn't axe yourself, get away from us, your a bait child"

example of being a bait child: A man is sitting with his 'real' girl Chaniqua. His hommie walks in and says, "ohh waddup holmes, I would assume this is ya girl Latisha"
by Katzilla January 15, 2006
Originates from two terms; anus/butthole and homosexual male.
Put the two together and the term is given to a person who is just extremely gay. 'Buttiboy' is not a word used to discriminate a person in which hatred is drawn towards, but one of your hommies, who, in your own opinion, deserves the expression because they have done something againts the dignity of all male species.
Your boy stands and start singing Spice Girls. You yell out "Shut the fuck up you buttiboy, and sit your ass down"

"Yo man stop being such a buttiboy. Ever since you got outta juvie, you've been sitting awefully close to me, your scaring me dawg"

by Katzilla January 15, 2006

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