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Dofus (pronounced doe-fuss) is a flash based MMORPG developed by Ankama Studios of France. You can choose between twelve different character classes. It is free to play... except if you pay to play there are a lot more places to go and you can even have a pet.
I stayed up too late playing dofus last night because I wanted to level my Sadida in the Gobball Dungeon.
by clockstopped October 13, 2007
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a moron, an idiot, a loser, ect.
"What the hell?! You're sucha dofus!"
by Andress November 30, 2006
A flash-based MMO known for it's overpowered 'Eni' Class.

Boss: Fools, you can't touch this. I rock!
Sadida: God I can't beat this, it's too hax.
Xelor: I know, I can't do anything against it either.
Eni: I'll rock this, watch.
Boss: Mother fucker... Give me back my loot.
Eni: See? Just like that.
*jaws drop*
Both: How did he just do that?
Eni: That's Dofus.
by -Astarael- May 30, 2008
Dofus can be used as a gasp of horror and incredulity, as in 'OH MY DOFUS', abbreviated as 'OMD', or to describe somebody who is stupid or a moron by nature. Opposite of OMV, which can be used simply as a gasp of surprise, normally happy.
"OMD, check him out, chasing after girls when they're all laughing about how desperate he is behind his back".
"Yeah, he's such a Dofus".
by El Amiga April 27, 2013
A MMORPG game that 7+ kids can play.
I'll be playing Dofus on my computer.
by Keithmoises July 29, 2007
All ur bestest yet gayest friends in da world
Oi u, u dofus.
by kath December 01, 2003
my great band
lets go listen to dofus
by crazy mountain dew chic July 19, 2003

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