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The most hektic, pimpest guy on the planet. Suave, Sexy and Sophisticated. Basically, THE MAN.
Tamas is the man
by Eurazn March 24, 2011
To make a comment that abruptly ends a conversation either through the generation of confusion, disgust, or surprise
He tamased the conversation again by telling a weird joke that no one understood.
by aVacuumedSoulfromSwitzerland February 21, 2013
Short for Puta Madre. (In Spanish)

Variations of the word exist and when its used.

-Puta Ma
1) I lost the game, tama.
2) Did you bring the poker chips?

-Tama, I forgot.
3) When someone gets tight/angry.

by Mitso2oo4 December 13, 2009
Best drum kit in the world!
The guy in system of a down uses a tama kit. It rocks!
by gozza* September 22, 2003
A fuzzy man with fuzzy pants and fuzzy wazzy hair and dances very fuzzely and is some what fuzzy.
Tamas is a bear.
by OMG ZOOOOOOOOMMMMM January 02, 2010
Brand of drums and hardware manufactured and marketed by the Japanese musical instrument company, Hoshino Gakki. Tama is one of the largest and best-known drum brands on the market today. The brand became known primarily for its hardware innovations and sturdiness, but its drums are also highly regarded.
Guy 1:"What kind of set do you play?"
Guy 2: " A tama."
Guy 1: "nice..."
by drummerx3 February 13, 2009
a name origenating from india. a nice person who loves helping others in any form of a problem. really tan. enjoys hippie stuff. love is a life style for this person, and will do anything for love. usually poetic.
girl 1 : "look at that guy...hes so damn hot."
girl 2 : "yea thats...umm...Tamas."
girl 1 : "he looks like a poet...im going to see if i can get some "action" okay."
girl 2 : fine..."
by someone else besides you March 25, 2011