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To pretend a sorrow that one doesn’t in fact feel, to create a hypocritical show of emotion. The idea comes from the ancient belief that crocodiles weep while luring or devouring their prey.
You see that bitch Jasmine Trias on American Idol last night with those crocodile tears?
by Karsh May 13, 2004
Also known as fast food syndrome.

An overwhelming sense of urgency to complete something.
"All of my relationships are over before they've began. Is that so wrong? I just want to be in love Damn child of the 80's syndrome. I want it now!"
by Karsh February 29, 2004
When gay men refer to each other in female terms of endearment or referring to body parts as female anatomy
"What's her problem?" This includes: Bitchslap, Girlfriend, Shit pussy, Mangina.
by karsh June 25, 2004
A combination of a yawn and a stretch, either done when a person is extremely tired, just waking up, or faking either condition.
Ben: We just got back from our vacation with the in-laws and I have to tell you all about it! First we went to...

Jack: Well will you look at the time? Oh man...I am beat. *yawnstretch*
by Karsh November 25, 2010

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