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A person who is used for sex by someone who doesn't have any respect, love, or emotional feelings for the person being used.
He only saw her when he wanted sex, She was nothing but a Fuck Doll to him.
by KarmaKitten February 21, 2009
1.A relationship that started out as a one-night stand but turned into a relationship that never should have extended beyond the one night.;2. A relationship that is one-sided in the sense that only 1 of the participants thought it became something more, while it never progressed past one-night stand status for the other-no matter how much time is spent together/how long it continues & behaves like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship
She thought he was her boyfriend for 3years, even though they had sex the night they met--it was really an extended one-night-stand.
by KarmaKitten February 21, 2009
Traffic or Congestion in a place with a large jewish population, such as NY, LA, or Miami. To be stuck in a large group of people on the sidewalk in a overpopulated area.
I was Half an hour late for work, navigating through the Jew Traffic on 7th Avenue.
by KarmaKitten March 01, 2009
Boyfriend-Fucking-Bitch. A women who has sex with other women's boyfriends with no regard for the women being cheated on.
He told Geri lynn he'd just sex with me 2 hours earlier, and she had sex with him anyway, she's a real BFB!
by KarmaKitten February 21, 2009
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